Thursday, 27 March 2014

Do you know how to swim?

Group 1 swimming from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Have you ever been thought by an swimming instructor's before?my swimming instructor is laura.She goes to the glen innes Aquatic swimming center in New Zealand.We stay for a half an hour or 30 minutes time. Did you know swimming is good for you? Did you know that New Zealand is surrounded with water?

Me and my group have been leaning rocket arms and circle arms.
Laura is a fabulous instructor to me shes very nice i don’t know what we would do without her teaching us.

Next time i need to get better at using straight legs.I feel good about swimming.It’s a good and athletic and sports and its good for your health.


  1. Hi Shyla, my name is Christina Chapman and I am EDM 310 student at University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed your blog on how much you like to swim. Swimming is a fun sport. Shyla, I believe if you keep practicing on straight legs you will learn it faster than you think. Swimming is a good way to stay healthy. Good Luck!

  2. Hello, Shyla! I am visiting to you from Alabama in the United States, and have enjoyed reading about your swimming lessons. I remember taking swimming lessons at a local pool when I was a very young girl, and even remember the color of the bathing suit I wore for my very first lesson. It was yellow with a little blue whale stitched on the chest. When you mentioned keeping your leg straight, I thought about how we would hold on the sides of the pool and practiced kicking and keeping our legs straight. I am glad you are learning to swim and like your instructor. What's your favorite part about your lessons? Keep up the great work with your blog, Shyla. It's wonderful reading about what you're learning!


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