Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Camp 2013

Today is camp we came to school in mufti for camp.Some of the year five and six went camp.First my Team went to the hall and did all sorts of things like rollerblading tennis basketball pigpog. After that we went  top town was hard because we had to fill up water balloons it was so difficult because the balloons kept on popping.   

My favorite activity was top town. The best thing was the war zone.We had to fill up the water balloons.It was so difficult because the water balloons  kept on popping.At the end we had to lift the flag up.                                                                             

The next activity i enjoyed was Rollerblading.I was going to fast i  felt like i was going to cash everybody was Tumbling.Then i got out of control and crashed and got a bruise.

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