Thursday, 10 April 2014

Fiafia 2014

Paragraph One:
What was it like when you arrived? How were you feeling? How did your group go? How do you think you performed?                        

Fiafia was so awesome last night I was so nervous  because it was time for my item. When it was my item I walked on stage and everyone was cheering. My costumes was from India we had jewellery too. I wore an Indian dress a sari and a bende. a bende is a little dot that you can put on your head and bracelets. I had twenty five bracelets on me.

My favorite performances were the Tongans and the cook islands.I liked  the Tongon group because they had oil on them.I liked the cook island group because of their dance.I was cheering for my friend’s on stage.

I enjoyed the show, I hope everyone also enjoyed it too.

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